111007-STONE MOUNTAIN: Kyle Maynard take a break from climbing by tumbling up Stone Mountain Park with his team on Friday, Oct 8th.  Maynard, of Buford, is a young man born without arms or legs, who is well known for competing in professional mixed martial arts, is leading an expedition to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this January. The climb is part of Maynard's career motivating people with disabilities with living examples of how he overcomes his own limitations. He is also an author, a motivational speaker and the subject of an ESPN documentary that aired in 2010.The team also includes former U.S. military members with injuries ranging from shrapnel wounds to traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress, a former Ugandan soldier who also served with U.S. forces in Iraq, two former record-holding college athletes, and an experienced expedition leader with multiple Kilimanjaro summits to his credit. Maynard says after the climb he will be the first quadruple amputee to climb the fourth highest peak of the Seven Summits without assistance. Phil Skinner

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Kyle Maynard, alpinistul fără membre

Taducere: Lavinia Elena Niculicea Când era tânăr, visul lui Kyle Maynard a fost să devină atlet profesionist. Născut cu o afecţiune care l-a lăsat fără picioare şi fără braţe, Kyle nu a încetat niciodată să-şi urmeze acel obiectiv. În liceu el a fost campion la lupte la nivel naţional. Când […]